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To start off the process, we’ll meet with you and your participating team members to determine exactly what must be achieved. Between us, we will agree on specific and measurable outcomes that will form the basis for evaluating your Return On Investment.

Our full accredited Facilitators will then lead interactive workshops that encourage participation and promote confidence. The workshops are timed to keep workplace disruption to a minimum. Through blended learning techniques – using spaced repetition and multi-sensory impact learning to address the various ways people process information – we can ensure every message is retained and applied.

LMI Course Coaches will constantly review your people’s progress to ensure their new competencies and learning are applied back into the workplace. Results will begin to show immediately.

The progress of your people is constantly reviewed. We will ensure we’re on track to meet the objectives established at the start of the program and make sure the momentum is maintained. Our primary concern is the continuous beneficial effect the development of your people will have on your organization.




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