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Using the MyTyme planner alone saves me 40 hours/year. Other minutes saved from ideas implemented, has resulted in an additional 90 hours/year, totaling 3.25 weeks of redirected time.


Aurora Specialty Textiles Group

This class helped me become a more efficient communicator. I am more clear and concise and understand the importance of communicating the action items and expected results.



My professional goal was to implement Microsoft Planner to help launch/close sales opportunities on time.  This goal is 95% complete.


Butterball Farms, Inc.

Being able to plan my day, prioritize tasks based around my high pay off activities, and open/close my day to keep work at work and my day out of my head, are just a few of the many results I received from using the planner.


Aurora Specialty Textiles Group

Over the last several months, the production team, and I have worked, on our Business goals together. These goals were to improve Material Variance by $0.03 per yard and improve Performance Variance by $0.01 per yard. We have seen a steady improvement from February through June.


Aurora Specialty Textiles Group

This course has helped me to move beyond managing the quality department into leading the quality department. It has provided me with tools and strategies to apply key leadership principles in the future. The three biggest areas where I believe this course has helped me to improve are in communication, problem solving, and delegation skills.


Aurora Specialty Textiles Group

My results from participating in the LMI Effective Personal Leadership Program:

  1. I know what I want to accomplish in the next five years
  2. I have written plans for achieving personal and professional goals
  3. I know my strengths and weaknesses, and my goals match them
  4. I am more disciplined about exerting self-control over my thoughts and emotions
  5. I handle new situations with self-confidence



By setting goals that applied to my job role allowed the training to coincide with one of my major initiatives of the fiscal year. Some of the results were as follows:

  • Finishing 2.5 months ahead of last year’s campaign launch
  • Enabling the ability to increase the impact of the brand tour
  • Provide ample time for external partners to plan further out
  • Freed up additional time to focus on long term strategic planning


Senior Brand Manager of The Jel Sert Company

I have learned how to efficiently manage my time on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. I have become goal oriented and learned how to align all my people and departments to set goals that add value to the company’s overall mission. I have also learned the importance of celebrating success and learning from failures to create a strong atmosphere of teamwork amongst my reports.


Chicago Magnesium

I have developed a new business tracking report, which identifies over $23 million in revenue.  New opportunities that I have been working on since the start of this course and have received at least the first PO account for $2.5 million of revenue expected within 2 years.


Aurora Specialty Textiles Group

My business goal was to reduce setup times in our Preco department by 15 minutes per setup. The projected savings is at least $104,000 per year. I am 10% complete with this goal.


United Gasket

Through this program, I was able to change the way I handle projects and prioritize my tasks. I now prioritize my work in my daily planner and allocate time to each task. I block out specific time for e-mail (unless it’s an urgent matter). The program has helped me communicate better with my team, reduce my stress, and voice my opinion/share my ideas more openly.


Manager of Butterball Farms, Inc.

The official goal was to reduce scrap to a target of $0.02 per yard but my scope grew to reducing both overall material variance as well as improving performance variance. Our overall Material/performance Variance was at $180,000 in October 2016 and was at $133,000 in February, 2017. We started the course in March and saw the variance reduce to $112K, $96K, $61K, $54K, and $77K from March until July, respectively.   We did achieve the overall material variance goal of $0.02 per yard produced ($0.0181 in June)


I was able to delegate about 10 hrs. of work per week to others which gave me the time to be more effective personally as well as reduce the amount of time I spend at work. I believe that effective goal setting, recognizing the obstacles, and creating the building blocks in a scheduled fashion was the key to my growth throughout the course.



Aurora Specialty Textiles Group

I found the LMI course useful to me as it provided tools I needed to address key opportunities …We were able to increase the yield on two coat products significantly and reached the goal of 7% improvement.


Aurora Specialty Textiles Group

During the past 12 weeks, I have been able to make a great deal of progress on my Business, Developmental and Personal goals, I completed 60% of my business goal which was to reduce stop assemblies for 1st pass rejects by 25%. Developmental Goal which is to gain an understanding of Budgets and Budgeting process. I am at 80 % complete.



One of the most important things I learned is that you first must start out with a goal, not just for work, but for life and the things you find important to you. Without a goal there is no direction. The class focused daily on making sure we were working on our goals by defining our high payoff activities needed to achieve each of our goals.


Chicago Magnesium

My primary Win/Win business goal for the course was to commission the waste water pretreatment system by 6/31/17. The system was commissioned on 6/20/17.  The immediate impact on the business is saving the cost of having the water hauled off site for disposal (which cost the company $100K per month in May & June).

The personal goal I chose was increasing exercise to improve health. I utilized the 1-31 tracker to help form a healthy habit of getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity three times a week. This also resulted in more family time since the activities usually involved my two sons.


Plant Engineer of Aurora Specialty Textiles Group

In this program, the most significant behavior change, which is also a LIFE-saver, is the prioritization and time-management of action steps to accomplish a particular goal. In defining those goals, it was also a positive “attitude changer” to see the progress in writing as I prepared to take the next action steps.


Digital Marketing Specialist of Butterball Farms, Inc.

The Effective Leadership Development class designed and instructed by Leadership Management International, Inc. (LMI) has been a very rewarding and eye-opening class. Unlike most classes of this sort, this one is very comprehensive and is a hands-on course with real and timely applications to everyday management functions and teams in any kind of business. The material is put together in a great fashion and broken down into chapters that allow you to go and apply and work on what you have just learned right away.


Materials Manager of The Jel Sert Company

Being able to accomplish my business and personal goals in such a brief period of time just by changing my habits was an exciting process to go through. I am looking forward to achieving remarkable success wherever I go in life while using the tools! learned throughout the program.


Aurora Specialty Textiles Group

By delegating low pay off tasks and empowering employees (by using better time management skills and SAP to reduce the duration on other tasks) has allowed me to save 5 hours per week.


Sloan Valve Company
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