The official goal was to reduce scrap to a target of $0.02 per yard but my scope grew to reducing both overall material variance as well as improving performance variance. Our overall Material/performance Variance was at $180,000 in October 2016 and was at $133,000 in February, 2017. We started the course in March and saw the variance reduce to $112K, $96K, $61K, $54K, and $77K from March until July, respectively.   We did achieve the overall material variance goal of $0.02 per yard produced ($0.0181 in June)


I was able to delegate about 10 hrs. of work per week to others which gave me the time to be more effective personally as well as reduce the amount of time I spend at work. I believe that effective goal setting, recognizing the obstacles, and creating the building blocks in a scheduled fashion was the key to my growth throughout the course.


- John, Aurora Specialty Textiles Group
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