Case Study: Privately Held Manufacturing Company

Type of Company: Privately held Manufacturing Company


The Goal: The holding company tasked the President of the company with doubling the sales of the company in 5 years. His background, experience, and primary comfort zone were in the area of operations. Although he felt he had a good team surrounding him, he recognized he was involved in too much of the daily operations and problem-solving. He referred to himself as the “Shell Answer Man” for his organization. He was not devoting enough time to the areas of strategic planning, acquisition, and sales. He recognized that in order to take the business to the next level, he was going to need to change his habits & behaviors to get different results, so he elected to participate in the ELD program with his two direct reports and five other supporting managers & supervisors in order to create an immediate change. During the program, the President developed 3 goals:

Business Goal: To find one new business or market greater than 2 million dollars by a specified deadline.

Developmental Goal: To learn to communicate more effectively with all levels of the organization.

Personal Goal: Cease checking and responding to emails after 7:30 pm each night and on Sundays.


The Result: The team is utilizing the tools in the ELD training and an attitude of ownership is now seen that was not present before. Goal setting and working on High Payoff Activities is now a daily occurrence. The team has also shared that they communicate more effectively and value each others time more than before. Meetings are planned out and expectations are set prior to meeting. They now view delegation as a positive and see it as a means to raise the contribution level beyond just the few but passing it to the many.

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