Case Study: LMI Chicago – Client of the Year – Perrino and Associates

Perrino & Associates is a consulting agency committed to helping food manufacturers and retailers drive long term growth. The Perrino team is proud to call an array of the finest food and beverage producers their client partners.  These manufacturers supply products to top foodservice and retail companies around the world.

LMI Chicago has worked with Perrino & Associates since its inception in 2001. Founder and CEO, Jan Perrino, credits much of the growth of Perrino & Associates to LMI. “Today, our revenue is more than 25 times what it was when we launched the company in the early 2000s and, more importantly, our client partners’ businesses have grown exponentially,” said Jan.

“Being somewhat risk-averse, I gained confidence through goal setting and putting a solid plan in place to be able to transform ideas into action.” Jan Perrino, CEO, Perrino & Associates.

“Her company is small by design (in the number of employees), but its impact is nothing short of amazing. Jan shows that when one internalizes the goal-setting process, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. The organization she founded and grew, using LMI programs for herself and her team, has helped national and global clients to grow their businesses significantly with global foodservice and retail giants.” Ray Stuchly, EVP, LMI Chicago.

Jan and husband Mike have participated in several LMI programs, most recently completing the Effective Personal Leadership Program (EPL) in 2017. According to Mike, the LMI process impacted him in two ways: “First, the discipline of goal setting in all areas of my life… Second, I learned the importance of role clarity. Defining my role has brought clarity of purpose and a renewed focus on what is important.”

Implementing the ideas and processes from the EPL program resulted in achieving both personal and professional goals, including a succession plan. Eventually, they will transition their business to new leadership making certain that the business remains nimble and flexible to evolve with the demands of the industry. VP of Business Development, Karen Gleason, is being prepared to lead the company someday and uses LMI programs as a key component of her development.

“LMI programs have empowered me. I am more confident because I define my priorities and goals and take control of my schedule. Focusing on measurable goals has helped me realize success, both personally and professionally.” Karen Gleason, VP, Perrino & Associates.

Not only do Jan and Mike fully embrace and live out LMI principles, but they also sponsored two of their children, Liza and Dave, to attend LMI programs.

“I view the LMI Effective Personal Productivity (EPP) program as a turning point in my life. The skills that I gained from those lessons made a huge difference in the way I approach my work.” Liza Perrino Burns.

“There is no question in my mind that the strategies learned in an LMI class, when executed, make for a highly successful and rewarding life.” Dave Perrino.

Jan’s vision for her company is to deliver the difference by partnering deliberately and strategically with world-class suppliers and to help strengthen their connections with their customers.

“We worked with LMI for a six-month period to develop our vision, mission and values statements of which we are very proud. They propel us every day.” – Jan Perrino, CEO, Perrino & Associates.

Jan truly believes the LMI process makes a major difference to organizations and in people’s personal lives. She has referred many of her clients to LMI Chicago because she knows that participating in LMI programs helps them be more effective and successful.

Jan has worked closely with Ray Stuchly, EVP with LMI Chicago, throughout the years and has looked to him as a mentor for her business and professional development success.

“It’s been LMI Chicago’s privilege and pleasure to work with Jan and to watch Perrino & Associates grow. We look forward to working with them in the future and to helping them achieve continued success.”  Ray Stuchly, EVP, LMI Chicago.

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