Team Building Events with LMI Chicago

Team building events are a great way for companies to increase employee morale. Escape rooms are becoming an ideal event for companies to have a team building event. Hidden Keys Escapes and LMI Chicago have partnered together to bring more in-depth team building events that go far beyond a fun escape room.

You can attend a 30 or 60 minute workshop, before or after the escape room experiences to help hone skills like goal setting, problem solving, time management, communication and more. These workshops also help to create awareness and address conflicts. You can find out more about the pricing for up to 15 participants here.

The escape room package also includes a 45-60 minute phone conversation before your escape room experience to figure out the conflicts you want to be addressed, the impact you’re looking to make to the team/organization and your desired outcome. You can also have an LMI Chicago facilitator join the escape room with you to observe the groups behavior, the workshop will address conflicts stated in advance and observed during the game after the escape room. To find out more information, please check out the Hidden Key Escapes website and schedule your team building event today!

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