LMI Chicago President Receives Builder of the Year Award!

Last month, our LMI Chicago team traveled to Dallas for the annual LMI convention. Jeff Johnson, President of LMI Chicago and Corporate Leadership Development Group, won top honors at the convention.

Jeff was awarded the 2018 “Builder of the Year” award for the Americas region. The award is presented to the licensee who exhibits a high belief in the opportunities presented by Leadership Management International programs and offerings. The award recipient must build a strong sales organization, develop a team of sales associates and achieve a solid sales performance for the year.

Congratulations Jeff and job well done! We look forward to many more leadership and management development programs to serve companies committed to increasing leadership effectiveness, productivity, and organizational results.

If you believe your organization needs leadership development and productivity development, contact LMI Chicago today to enroll in a Total Leader Program today!

Pictured left to right: Randy Slechta(CEO of Leadership Management International, Inc.), Ray Stuchly(EVP, LMI Chicago, Inc.), Jeff Johnson(President, LMI Chicago, Inc.), Rene De Coning(EVP, LMI Chicago, Inc.), Sam Maitz (EVP, Leadership Management, Inc.)


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