What We Lose with the Millennial Eye-Roll

Some weeks ago, I was teaching a leadership class when the discussion turned to the multi-generational workforce. In no time, the class started in on Millennials. Complaint followed complaint accompanied by the obligatory eye-roll. Of course, no-one in the room…

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how do you add value to your company

How Do You Add Value to Your Company?

Who has never said, “If I only had time, I would…”? Our bet is – not many! Time, the most precious of commodities that we sometimes take for granted, often squander and regularly wonder where it went. So, how do…

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lmi chicago website

Welcome to the New LMI Chicago Website!

LMI Chicago is excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! Our goal with this website is to allow easier access to our programs, class schedules, and resources. We want those who are interested in attending our leadership…

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