LMI Chicago, Inc. is a proud affiliate of Leadership Management International, Inc. (a leading international leadership and management development firm with over 200 affiliate offices in the United States, locations in over 60 countries, and programs produced in over 20 languages).

We help individuals and organizations identify and focus on what matters most in executing desired changes resulting in increased:

  • • Productivity
  • • Effectiveness
  • • Profitability
  • • Quality of life.

Our clients are businesses and organizations from every industry and profession, ranging from small entrepreneurial firms to Fortune 500 corporations.

Since the 1960’s, LMI has helped thousands of leaders and organizations worldwide make the changes required to be competitive in a challenging global economy.

Just as LMI has helped countless others, we can help you produce the results you want and require for you and your company.

We are not a training company. We do not provide short, quick, training programs. At LMI, we believe workshops, seminars, or compact training events can provide interesting information and ideas but historically, do not produce measurable results or bring about a shift in behavior or attitude.

We are not consultants. We are experts in knowing business fundamentals. We believe you are the expert in knowing your business. Our responsibility is helping you attain the goals and dreams you have for your business and life.

Who are we? We are leaders, coaches, and facilitators. We coach and facilitate you and your people through a proven process of personal growth to achieve your personal and organizational goals.

What we do and how we do it is different. We offer application-based sessions held on a regular basis at your workplace. You don't absorb costly travel expenses or experience major down-time for your staff. More importantly, you experience immediate results that apply to everyday work-related performance improvement.

We meet with you to determine exactly what it is you want to accomplish. Our process focuses on what's important to you. Your goals become the driving force behind our results-focused process. We facilitate our process on-site and mostly in small groups. We utilize time-proven and experience-tested principles where team dynamics, spaced repetition, and immediate application are keys to success.

What Our Customers are saying…

The 3 month results showed a 6.3% increase in machine shop efficiency where each 1% equaled a $22,500 (plant wide) annual savings.
Supervisor, Local Manufacturing Company